2016 Proceedings

2016 National Proceedings

 Selected Refereed Papers Delivered at the 2016 ALSB Annual Conference
San Juan, Puerto Rico


 Editor’s Forward

The 91st annual meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business was held in August, 2016, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The papers published in these Proceedings were double blind reviewed by members of the Academy.  Papers were recommended for publication based on the quality of the research and the relevance of the topic to the substantive areas or pedagogy of business law or legal studies.

Several papers merit special mention:

Outstanding Proceedings Paper:
Precautionary Federalism and the Sharing Economy by Sarah Light

Distinguished Proceedings Papers:
Burdening “Substantial Burdens” by Amy Sepinwall

The Doctrine of Unconscionable Contracts, A Judicial Business Ethic by Keith Diener

Explaining the Boom: An Empirical Study of Federal Wage and Hour Litigation by Charlotte Alexander

Outstanding Student Paper:
Did Volkswagen’s Misleading Sustainability Claims Violate Securities Laws? by Margaret Jakus (Sponsoring Faculty Member: Adam Sulkowski, Babson College)

The Ernie King Best Reviewer Award was established in honor of Ernest W. King, long time Proceedings Editor and beloved colleague of many members of the Academy. This award is given to the reviewer whose work made the most significant contribution to enhancing the quality of the paper reviewed.

2016 Ernie King Best Reviewer Award: Janine Hiller, Virginia Tech; Susan Martin, Hofstra University; and Ross Petty, Babson College.

I am deeply grateful to the many reviewers for the 2016 ALSB Proceedings.  Your time, your thoughtful comments and your good judgment make the Proceedings better every year.  Your service to the Proceedings and to the authors is greatly appreciated by me and by all of your colleagues in the Academy.

Best Regards,
Ronnie Cohen, J.D., LL.M.
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA
2016 ALSB Proceedings Editor


2016 Proceedings Reviewers

Robert Breitenbach, Metro State University

Larry Bumgardner, Pepperdine University

Allison Burdette, Emory University

William McDevitt, St. Joseph’s University

Roxanne DeLaurell, College of Charleston

Gail Evans, University of Houston

Lori Harris-Ransom, Caldwell University

Janine Hiller, Virginia Tech

Ida Jones, California State University, Fresno

William Livingston, Baker College Center for Graduate Studies

Lucas Loafman, Texas A&M University, Central Texas

Tanya Marcum, Bradley University

Susan Martin, Hofstra University

Elizabeth McVicker, Metropolitan University of Denver

Tonia Murphy, University of Notre Dame

John Norwood, University of Arkansas

Paula O’Callaghan, University of Maryland, University College

Michael O’Hara, University of Nebraska

Aaron Pennington, University of Cincinnati

Ross Petty, Babson College

Loren Selznick, Bloomsberg University of Pennsylvania

Mike Schuster, Oklahoma State University

Bill Shaw, University of Texas at Austin

Index of Papers

Burdening “Substantial Burdens” by Amy Sepinwall

Ethics and Justice: What Penalty Should Volkswagen be Compelled to Pay for its Unethical and Unlawful Conduct, and on What Basis? by Greg Huckabee

Explaining the Boom: An Empirical Study of Federal Wage and Hour Litigation by Charlotte Alexander

Fare Trade: Reconciling Public Safety and Gender Discrimination in Single-Sex Ridesharing by Liz Brown

Feminism(s), Progressive Corporate Law and the Oppression Remedy by Shannon O’Byrne

Franchise Discrimination and Goodwill: An American and Comparative Law Perspective by Robert Emerson

Franchise Independence: Still Waiting to be Recognized by Robert Emerson

Franchising Hard Law and Soft Law by Robert Emerson

“I Do Not Think it Means What You Think it Means”: Redefining and Regulating the Sharing Economy by Inara Scott and Elizabeth Brown

Legal and Policy Implications of Gifts of Stock by Corporate Executives: Proposals for Reform by Cindy Schipani, S. Burcu Avci, and Nejat Seyhun

Paper Dragon Thieves by J.S. Nelson

Precautionary Federalism and the Sharing Economy by Sarah Light

Redefining “Employee” to Provide Worker Protections Within a Flexible Workforce by Robert Sprague

Retaliation Under the Equality Act and Contempt of Court in the UK by Michael Connolly

Right to Work: A Legal Rights Perspective by Denise Oas, Mary McCord, and Steven Popejoy

Teaching Law to Business Students: Using Moot Court as a Pedagogical Approach by Franklyn Salimbene by Franklyn Salimbene

The Amazon Tax & E-tailer Supply Chains: An Empirical Study of Internet Tax Law Using Strategic Location Modeling by Kevin McGarry and Trisha Anderson

The Doctrine of Unconscionable Contracts: A Judicial Business Ethic by Keith Diener

The French Constat: Discovering More Efficient Discovery by Robert Emerson (See SSRN Link)

The Old Guard of International Taxation of E-Commerce by Adam Becker, Paul Becker, and Will Mawer

Transmitting the Costs of Unsafe Work by Charlotte Alexander


[Cite as:  47 Acad. Legal Stud. In Bus. Nat’l Proc. ____ (2016)]