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Academic Session Papers

Please follow the steps below to access the papers.  Please direct any questions to Shelly Whitmer at

Step 1 – Create a folder on your computer desktop called “ALSB 2022.”

Step 2 -Click on this link:  Submitted Papers to download the zipped folder (will take several seconds).

Step 3 – Open the zipped folder.

Step 4 – Copy ALL files from the zipped folder to the ALSB 2022 folder on your desktop. Then closed the zipped folder.

You will then open the “ALSB 2022” folder on your desktop to access all the papers.  Open the Excel file to see a list of Academic Session presentations.  The papers are linked to the title of the presentations.

Happy reading!

Development Track Session Papers

The Business of American Yoga: Teaching the Fundamentals of Business Law in a Contemporary Cultural Context by Geneva Sedgwick. (Outline)

Master Teacher Presentations

An Online Discussion: Ethics and the Nosey App by Jody Blanke, Mercer University. (Expanded Materials)

Introducing Intellectual Property Law through the Use of Narratives, Props, and Audio / Visual Examples by Lynda Oswald, University of Michigan.

The Impact of Statutes, Common Law, and Administrative Law on Inequality by Rachel Spooner, Boston College.

Zoom Track Academic Session Papers

A Constitutional Dollar Does Not Devalue by Christopher Guzelian.

A Professor Creates a Superhero: The Adventures of Copyright Infringement Man (And Can Professors Sue Quizlet or Chegg for Copying Exam Questions?) by Dwight Kealy.

Dealing with International Corruption: Just Let the U.S. Handle it for Free by John Paul.

“In One Direction Only”: Chains of Reasoning and Tail Events in CAFA Amount-in-Controversy Claims by Jeff Lingwall and Nicole Wood.