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Early Career Outstanding Faculty Award

Presented by Alex Reed, the 2019 recipient:

The purpose of the Early Career Achievement Award is to recognize those members of the ALSB whose careers show exceptional promise based upon their early accomplishments.

The criteria for the Award are demonstrated excellence in two of the following areas: Research, Teaching, and Service.

This year, the Faculty Awards Committee was fortunate to receive nominations for several outstanding members of the Academy, and I can tell you that it’s both awe-inspiring and humbling to see so many who have achieved so much despite having held a full-time teaching position for less than 9 years.

Nevertheless, following extensive discussion, the Committee agreed that one individual—in particular—had accumulated a record of accomplishments that were truly remarkable in terms of both quantity and quality.

Before I announce the recipient of the 2020 Early Career Achievement Award, I want to share with you just a few of this individual’s many accomplishments:

With respect to Service, this person has worked diligently to better their department, college, university, and discipline. Specifically,

  • They are a reviewer for both the JBE & ABLJ.
  • They served in the officer rotation for one of our regional associations.
  • And they have been instrumental in developing programming and co-curricular activities for their department and college.

In terms of Teaching, this person has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to instructional excellence both inside and outside the classroom. In particular,

  • They have won nearly every teaching award offered by their institution (at least those for which they’re eligible)
  • They routinely work with and supervise student researchers.
  • And they are constantly developing innovative and collaborative teaching methodologies to better serve their students.

Finally, this year’s recipient of the Early Career Achievement Award has compiled a Research record that is nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Despite only being in their fifth year on the tenure track, this person has quickly become one of the nation’s leading scholars in their particular area of expertise.
  • They have published 17 sole- and co-authored law journal articles and 3 other substantive articles in non-law journals.
  • This person also has 2 forthcoming articles, with another 3 expected to be submitted for publication within the year.
  • These articles have appeared in journals ranging from the Iowa Law Review to the Harvard Journal on Legislation and the Georgia Law Review to the Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business
  • And she is currently the lead investigator on a large-scale, cross-cultural research project funded by the World Bank, a first-of-its-kind empirical study of regulatory responses to the sharing economy.
  • It is my pleasure to present the 2020 Early Career Achievement Award to Abbey Stemler, Assistant Professor at Indiana University.