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Distinguished Career Faculty Award

Presented by Lucien Dhooge, Gerogia Tech, the 2019 winner of the Distinguished Career Faculty Award:

It is my honor and privilege to present the ALSB’s Distinguished Career Faculty Award.

And it is truly an honor and a privilege as this award recognizes our colleagues who have demonstrated excellence over the course of their careers in teaching, research and service.

These individuals are not only our colleagues and friends, but they are also the keepers of the tradition of excellence established by those who preceded them, role models and mentors to their contemporaries, and a shining light forward for those who will follow them.

This year’s honorees are truly exemplars of excellence.

And yes, I said honorees as the ALSB has chosen to celebrate two of our colleagues this year.

There is precedent for such practice in 2006 and 2018. But this year is different – it is unprecedented for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

Our honorees have a combined sixty-six years of experience. They have taught at the same institution their entire careers.

They have a combined eighty law review articles. These articles include nine ABLJ articles, numerous publications in flagship journals such as those published by Boston College, George Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Washington, and equally prestigious specialty journals published by Columbia, Duke, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, Minnesota, NYU, Penn, and Yale just to name a few.

These publications are in addition to four books, twenty-eight proceedings papers, and numerous other scholarly writings.

Our honorees are nationally-recognized experts in intellectual property law, specifically patent law, and gender equity and the empowerment of women in the workplace. 

The ALSB has recognized their outstanding research accomplishments through numerous awards including seven Holmes-Cardozo Award-winning papers or finalists, fourteen proceedings paper awards, an ABLJ Hoeber Award, and a Ralph Bunche Award. 

Our honorees have a combined 178 academic presentations.

178 – I counted and could not believe this number. As I am not an accountant, I went back and recounted and yes, the number is 178.

This number includes fifty-five presentations at ALSB international conferences, five Hurst Seminars, and sixty-three international presentations in fifteen different countries.     

Our honorees have extraordinary service records in their school and at their university.

They have also served the ALSB as international program chairs in St. Petersburg in 2006 and Seattle in 2014 and as presidents in 2006-07 and 2014-15. 

As I mentioned a moment ago, this year is different. And the reason this year is different is that the ALSB has never presented the Distinguished Career Faculty Award to two individuals from the same university in the same year – until now.

Please join me in recognizing and honoring the best of the Maize and Blue – Michigan’s own Lynda Oswald and Cindy Schipani.