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ALSB 2020 Conference Theme

Disruption is any innovation or change that disturbs an established order in business or society. Technological innovation, financial crises, globalization, social unrest, and other forces are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Disruption has replaced stability as the new normal in law, business, and society. 

Disruptive forces are a powerful opportunity to assert the importance of business law as a critical part of the business school curriculum and research. Social media, the gig economy, #metoo, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the issues in which business law and disruption intersect. Our research, teaching, and outreach to stakeholders should account for these increasingly rapid changes, and this conference theme will address how we can best navigate future legal, ethical, and social challenges that business and society will encounter. 

I encourage all prospective attendees to actively participate in the ‘managing disruption’ theme through innovative panels, papers, and pedagogical methods.

Learn More About Disruption

Clayton Christiensen et al., What is Disruptive Innovation?,

Sharon Shinn, Defying Disruption with Differentiation,

Jonathan Moules, How Business Schools Compete in a Disrupted Market,

Caryn Beck-Dudley, Flexible Education Models Allow for Disruption,

Colleen Mullarkey, How Will Disruption Affect the Future of Business Education?,