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Each year the ALSB holds an annual conference. Rotating to different cities throughout the United States, the conference is a time for ALSB members from all over the world to come together and share their experiences and learn about and explore topics relevant to business legal studies. Presentations, workshops and several social events are an integral part of the meeting.

ALSB Online Conference August 1-6, 2021 – Program Chair, Jamie Prenkert, Indiana University

Conference FAQs

Due to security issues, the conference app is only available to those who have viable email addresses.  There are a few conference registrants with disabled email addresses in the database who will not be able to download or even access the conference application with the all-important zoom links. If you are one of those, please email Dan Herron at for a work-around solution.

Full Conference Program Book (Updated 7/27/21)Includes schedule, abstracts, sections activities and more.

Conference Schedule (Overview, updated 7/21/21) – all times are Eastern Daylight Time

Attendee, Presenter, and Moderator Guide (7/29/21)

CLE Forms for Registered CLE Attendees:
CLE Instructions
CLE Minutes
CLE Certificate of Attendance (Word)
CLE Certificate of Attendance (Fillable PDF)
Questions regarding CLE should be directed to Shelly Whitmer at

Conference Registration

$200 Active Members
$170 New Members
$140 Emeritus Members

Conference Call for Participation (Closed)

Submission Deadline Dates:
Panels – 11:59 PM on May 16
Academic Session for Awards – 11:59 PM on June 1
National Referred Proceedings – 11:59 PM on June 1
Student Papers – 11:59 PM on June 1
Academic Session for Non-Awards – 11:59 PM on June 20
Development Track – 11:59 PM on June 20

Student Paper Competition:
Rules for Student Competition
Student Paper Rubric

2021 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition Finalists

Dear Colleagues:

Please join me in congratulating the four finalists selected for this year’s competition:

Professor Michael Conklin, Angelo State University
Professor Debbie Kaminer, Baruch College/CUNY
Professor Evan A. Peterson, University of Detroit Mercy
Professor Sean James Shannon, SUNY Oneonta.

The competition continues to attract many high-quality entries.  I thank everyone who applied, as well as the judges who graciously put aside time to carefully consider each of the submissions.

The four finalists will each make a 35-minute presentation at our annual ALSB Conference, online this year.  One finalist will present each day at 12:30, and the four finalists will sit on a pedagogy panel on Friday, August 6. This event is one of our conference highlights.  I hope you will attend, not only to support the finalists but also to play a role in selecting our 2021 Master Teacher.  

Details on the presentation topics and presentation dates follow.   

Professor Michael Conklin, Angelo State University
Oops, Did You Offer to Sell a $30 Million Harrier Jet?
Monday, August 2, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

This classroom activity centers on a Pepsi commercial from the 1990s, available on YouTube, as a vehicle for exploring issues of contract law.  The commercial featured a $30 million Harrier jet, which in theory would be available per contest rules for only $700,000.  The Pepsi Points promotion in the commercial led to a real-life lawsuit.  The classroom activity explores contract formation issues including offer, acceptance, advertisements as offers, the reasonable person standard, adequacy of consideration, and legality.  It challenges students to consider practical, real-world implications beyond what the law dictates, including the merits of “winning” a lawsuit after years of litigation versus avoiding the lawsuit in the first place. 

Professor Debbie Kaminer, Baruch College/CUNY
Vaccines in the Time of COVID-19:  Using Vaccine Mandates to Teach about the Legal and Ethical Regulation of Business
Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

This presentation uses the question “Can government and businesses mandate the Covid-19 vaccine?” as a starting point for an interdisciplinary lesson appropriate for a variety of business law classes. Real world business dilemmas often have many parts to them, and this timely and engaging question pulls together different legal concepts including constitutional law, administrative law, stare decisis, the Commerce Clause, the Supremacy Clause and employment discrimination. The question also raises issues of ethics and behavioral economics, which will help students integrate their learning across disciplines. Additionally, the lesson will develop students’ analytical and critical thinking skills.

Professor Evan A. Peterson, University of Detroit Mercy
Legal Analysis Complete?  Congratulations, Your Work Is Only Half Done . . . Introducing the Home Depot Crisis Management Exercise
Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

Businesses increasingly view legal knowledge as an empowering mechanism to create value, foster relationships, and manage future risk. Business law and legal environment courses should foster holistic examinations not only of legal analysis but also legal strategy, business strategy, and ethics.  This classroom exercise introduces the Delphi Method technique for structuring group communication and building consensus.  Students are asked to employ this method as they consider specifically how Home Depot should respond to a class-action lawsuit arising out of an alleged shoplifting incident. 

Professor Sean James Shannon, SUNY Oneonta
Beyond the Classroom Walls:  Virtual Exchange and Collaborative Online International Learning Project for Teaching Business Law Students Contract Law:  A Primer for International and Domestic Collaborative Learning
Thursday, August 5, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

Recognizing the need for students to develop broader cultural understanding, a global perspective, and skills necessary to engage in negotiations and work with other international collaborators, this classroom exercise presents a collaborative international virtual classroom learning project to teach undergraduate business law students in the United State and Finland contract law.  American and Finnish students work together as teams over several weeks to draft a contract for a US musician touring in Finland or a sponsorship contract for a Finnish athlete to market a soccer sneaker for a New York-based company. The project could equally be applied to domestic virtual exchange projects between college classes in the United States.

Kind regards—Tonia Murphy
Any questions?  Please feel free to contact me at

2021 Election of Secretary-Treasurer

Alex Reed, University of Georgia

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to announce my candidacy for the office of ALSB Secretary-Treasurer. As we approach the ALSB’s centennial in 2024, it seems an appropriate time to reflect not only on where we have been and what we have achieved but also on where we are going and what we hope to accomplish in our next one hundred years. How do we ensure the culture of collegiality for which the ALSB is known—and for many of us defines the organization—perseveres in the face of unprecedented social and technological disruption? How do we reach our colleagues who, for whatever reason, may be unaware of our organization and the phenomenal opportunities for personal and professional development it affords? How do we make certain we are meeting the needs of and effectively advocating for every member of our discipline across public and private, large and small, domestic and foreign institutions? These are just a few of the topics that compel me to seek a leadership role in the ALSB, but they are representative of the issues I would seek to address as a member of the Executive Committee. Indeed, I believe they are fundamental to who we are as an organization.

I can assure you I do not make this decision lightly, as I am well aware of the responsibility that comes with serving as an officer. Based on my conversations with current and former members of the Executive Committee, however, I believe my experience to date has prepared me for this opportunity. Indeed, over the past ten years I have had the privilege to serve as an officer of both the ALSB’s Employment Law Section and the Southeastern Academy of Legal Studies in Business (SEALSB). In the latter role, I was responsible for planning SEALSB’s 2017 annual conference and while much of the planning for the ALSB’s 2024 centennial meeting is already in process, I believe my experience managing various administrative matters and working with vendors to ensure the best possible experience for attendees will be helpful. Guided by Dan Herron’s unparalleled expertise and aided by the efforts of so many others who are already hard at work planning our centennial meeting, I am confident we will be in a position to celebrate this incredible milestone in a manner befitting its significance, and I hope you will trust me to be a part of that effort.

In terms of our mission, I take to heart the ALSB’s declared purpose of “promot[ing] and encourag[ing] scholarship and superior teaching.” Scholarship and teaching are both integral to our organization and necessary for the long-term viability of our discipline. As Director of the Legal Studies Certificate Program at the University of Georgia, I am primarily responsible for curricular decisions impacting the approximately four hundred students who at any given time are pursuing a Certificate in Legal Studies. I am always mindful of the awesome responsibility that entails, and I believe my love for the classroom allows me to be a better, more effective administrator. At the same time, I also strive to be a thoughtful and productive scholar. It is such a unique privilege to be able to contemplate and write about the pressing legal and pedagogical issues of our day. That our research so often has immediate implications for a diverse array of constituents is a testament to our discipline’s ongoing relevancy and vibrancy. With this in mind, I can assure you that as a member of the Executive Committee I would always be cognizant that the ALSB’s mission is a dual one—promoting and encouraging both scholarship and teaching.

Thank you for your consideration. I would be grateful to have your support.

/s Alex Reed, University of Georgia

Future ALSB Conferences:

2022 Conference: July 27-31: Omni Hotel, Louisville, KY – Program Chair: Matthew Phillips, Wake Forest University

2023 Conference: July 25-30: Manchester Grand Hyatt on the Waterfront in Downtown San Diego – Program Chair: Leigh Anenson, University of Maryland