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Each year the ALSB holds an annual conference. Rotating to different cities throughout the United States, the conference is a time for ALSB members from all over the world to come together and share their experiences and learn about and explore topics relevant to business legal studies. Presentations, workshops and several social events are an integral part of the meeting.

2020 Conference: The ALSB is hosting an online conference August 3-7. Details are laid out below and especially here in the Spring Newsletter.

1) if you want to present a paper or organize a panel, please fill out the call for participation on the conference which is below after by JUNE 1; 2) The conference registration has been updated and the link below is current and live; if you have already registered and paid or not paid, I will be in touch. 3) Please continue to nominate for awards and to note if you want your paper to be considered for an award or proceedings consideration on the call for participation form. Also, the deadline for Master Teacher proposals is June 1 as well.

2020 Online Conference August 2-7: Call for Participation Link (papers and panels):
Online Submission

Annual Proceedings Criteria and Formatting

Annual Awards Information

2020 Online Conference August 2-7: Conference Registration Link:
Register Online

2021 Conference: August 1-6: Renaissance Depot Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, Program Chair–Jamie Prenkert, Indiana University

2022 Conference: July 27-31: Omni Hotel, Louisville,KY, Program Chair-Matthew Phillips, Wake Forest University

2020 ALSB Annual Conference Information

We are having an online conference! Here are the details==>

Conference Registration Link:
Register Online

Call for Participation Link (papers and panels):
Online Submission

Here are the details:

1) The Conference will run from Monday-Friday August 3-7 with Sunday August set as the pre-con day for the Executive Committee Meeting, House of Delegates, and the Newcomers virtual get together.

2) All academic events will be hosted on WebEx from the host school, the University of Connecticut. We will provide all registrant with WebEx orientation.

4) Links for both WebEx and Zoom will be provided to conference registrants.

5) The new conference registration will be up early next week, but the conference registration will be:

             —$200 (including $60 dues) for regular members

             —$170 (including $30 dues) for Newcomers

             —$140 (including $-0- dues) for Emeritus members

The $140 conference registration will cover such costs as tech support, awards and plaques, shipping/postage, clerical and administrative support and logistics, speaker honoraria, and, door prizes at the business meeting/awards ceremony….yes, we’re keeping door prizes.

Gaylord Jentz Scholarship is still available for those wishing to deliver a paper but do not have the economic resources to cover the cost of the conference.

NOTE: If you have a hardship, these fees can be adjusted or waived. Just send a confidential email to me at and mark the subject line—CONFIDENTIAL—and no one but me will see this and we will work it out.

6) You have through June 1 to fill out the call-for-participation—papers and panels and to submit for award consideration—now available on the ALSB conference website; also, June 1 is the deadline for Master Teacher.

7) Awards will be given at the on-line business meeting and awards meeting on Friday August 7; our officer election will still be held; EVERYTHING will be available, except all online.


DateDayTime (EDT)Event
2-AugPre-Con Day12:00-3:00pmExec Comm Meeting
  4:00-6:00pmHouse of Delegates
  6:00-8:00pmNewcomer’s Meeting with House of Delegates and EC
3-AugDay 18:00-9:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  12:00-1:00pmBreak and Tech Check
  12:00-1:00pmTextbook Publisher Events
  12:30-1:00pmWelcome from Eric Yordy and Robert Bird
  1:00-2:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  1:00-4:45pmSummit on Excellence in Business Law
  3:00-4:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  3:00-4:45pmSection Meeting – International
  3:00-4:45pmEthics Section Finalists Paper Session
  5:00-6:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  5:00-6:45pmSection Meeting – Teaching & Pedagogy
  5:00-6:45pmInternational Section Finalists Paper Session
  7:00-8:45pmIcebreaker Social
4-AugDay 28:00-9:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amSection Meeting  – Interdisciplinary
  12:00-1:00pmBreak and Tech Check
  12:00-1:00pmTextbook Publisher Events
  12:00-1:00pmAfrican-American Faculty and Friends Social
  1:00-4:45pmMaster Teacher Symposium
  5:00-6:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  5:00-6:45pmSection Meeting – Employment
  5:00-6:45pmHolmes-Cardozo Finalists Paper Session
  7:00-8:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
5-AugDay 38:00-9:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amScholar in Residence Roundtable: Lawerence Wiseman
  12:00-1:00pmBreak and Tech Check
  12:00-1:00pmTextbook Publisher Events
  12:00-1:00pmWomen’s Tea & Friends Social
  1:00-2:45pmFireside Chat: John Elliott and Caryn Beck-Dudley
  3:00-4:45pmDisruption Panel 1: Disruption in Business and Higher Education
  5:00-6:45pmDisruption Panel 2: Celebrating A Century of Disruption: Women, Work, and the Centennial Anniversary of a Woman’s Right to Vote
  5:00-6:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  5:00-6:45pmSection Meeting – Sports & Entertainment Law
  7:00-8:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
6-AugDay 48:00-9:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amEthics Section Finalists Paper Session
  12:00-1:00pmBreak and Tech Check
  12:00-1:00pmTextbook Publisher Events
  12:00-1:00pmABLJ, JLSE, & JBLEP Staff & Reviewers Social
  1:00-2:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  1:00-2:45pmSection Meeting – Ethics
  3:00-4:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  3:00-4:45pmDisruption Panel 3: The Role of Business Law in Managing Disruption
  5:00-6:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  5:00-6:45pmDisruption Panel 4: Transformative Teaching in Disruptive Times: How Business Law Generates Intellectual Agility, Creativity, and Contextual Thinking for Business Students
  7:00-8:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
7-AugDay 58:00-9:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  10:00-11:45amPaper/Panel Sessions
  12:00-1:00pmBreak and Tech Check
  12:00-1:00pmLGBTQ & Friends Social
  12:00-1:00pmTextbook Publisher Events
  1:00-2:45pmBusiness Meeting and Award Ceremony
  3:00-4:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  3:00-4:45pmSection Meeting – Law for Accountants
  3:00-4:45pmSection Meeting – Technology
  5:00-6:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions
  5:00-8:45pmTechnology Section Colloquium
  5:00-6:45pmSection Meeting – Environmental Law and Sustainability
  7:00-8:45pmPaper/Panel Sessions



Dear ALSB members,
During this unprecedented time, we have found ourselves in a situation not unlike other major organizations. The timeline for our August conference is at a point where we need to make some major decisions. Deadlines for cancelling venues are imminent and our members continue to register for the conference and make travel arrangements. At the same time, universities are making announcements related to budgets, faculty travel, and even changing the academic calendar, all of which impact our members in varying ways. In the face of all of this uncertainty, members of the ALSB Executive Committee have been monitoring the situation and have been in close communication.

We received and reviewed over 350 responses to our informal information-collecting survey. We also reviewed press releases, announcements from the Office of the Governor of Rhode Island, and statements of the nation’s scientific leadership related to the spread and possible recurrences of the virus, the future of “social distancing,” and limits on the sizes of gatherings expected through at least July in Providence. As a result of this information, and extensive discussion by the Executive Committee, we unanimously have decided to cancel the 2020 annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island. We believe that this is the first conference to be canceled since World War II and the decision was not made lightly. While we are confident that the fiscal management of Dan and Linda (as well as past Executive Committees) has put the ALSB in a position to survive this decision, it likely will come with some financial losses for the organization. Even so, as a body the Executive Committee unanimously agrees that no financial loss could compare to the risk to the health, and possibly life, of any of our members.

While we recognize (and hope) that the situation in August may be vastly different and that the in-person conference may have been possible, we feel confident that we have made a prudent, precautionary decision given the available information.

We are exploring hosting an online conference this summer to meet the needs of members who may benefit from presentations, awards, and/or proceedings for promotion and tenure applications. Over the next two weeks, the Executive Committee will continue to meet and discuss the logistics of such an online conference. As many of us have learned in the transition of courses to an online format, there are many different opportunities for online engagement. We will continue to work to explore an online conference that will maximize the value for members and retain the special character of this extraordinary academy. Please keep your eyes out for more information in the coming weeks.

We know that the decision to cancel the in-person conference may bring up questions for some of you. If you already registered for the conference and paid your conference dues, Dan will contact you to discuss options for refunds of all or part of the registration (depending on whether we hold an online conference and you participate). If you need a letter as evidence for any airline reimbursements or for your institutional leadership, please let us know. The hotel knows we have canceled the conference and they are expecting your calls to cancel room reservations.

Please let us know if your institution has requirements that you would like us to consider in planning the potential online conference. As we move forward in investigating and planning for this summer, we need to know how to best meet your needs. Please stay safe and know that we are grateful to serve in these uncertain times.

Conference Registration Link:
Register Online
Call for Participation Link (papers and panels):
Online Submission

Eric D. Yordy, President
Robert C. Bird, President-Elect and 2020 Program Chair
Jamie Prenkert, Vice President
Matthew T. Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer
Marisa Pagnattaro, Immediate Past President
Janine Hiller, AACSB International Liaison
Gideon Mark, Editor in Chief, ABLJ
Adam Epstein, Editor in Chief, JLSE
Linda Christiansen, Chief Accounting Officer
Daniel J. Herron, Executive Secretary

This year’s conference has much to offer…we are hoping to keep as much as this in our hoped-for online, virtual conference!

Conference Theme: Our theme of the conference is ‘Managing Disruption’. Disruption is the ever increasing pace of rapid and unexpected change in law, business, or society, and the AACSB and other educational institutions are taking notice. The rule of law in business powerfully intersects with the perpetual change which is becoming the new norm. Learn more about the conference theme here.

Pre-Conference Summit on Excellence in Business Law: Start your ALSB conference off right! On August 4, we will host a pre-conference summit designed to help aspiring, new, and transitioning faculty to achieve their best in research, teaching, and service. Starting an academic career or making a transition can be a challenge, and let the ALSB conference help you achieve your goals. Hear from some of the most experienced faculty in business law on how to achieve excellence in the classroom, navigate legal publishing, and thrive teaching in a school of business. This summit is sponsored by the University of Connecticut School of Business. Learn more about the summit and its schedule here.

Plenary Panels on Disruption: On August 5, we will feature special plenary panels led by thought leaders from both inside and outside the ALSB. These panels will examine issues of academy-wide importance to the discipline and reinforce the conference theme of managing disruption. Anticipated panels are: 1) Managing Disruption in Business and Higher Education, 2) The Role of Business Law in Managing Disruption, 3) Transformative Teaching in Disruptive Times: How Business Law Generates Intellectual Agility, Creativity, and Contextual Thinking for Business Students, and 4) Celebrating A Century of Disruption: Women, Work, and the Centennial Anniversary of a Woman’s Right to Vote. I hope you will join us in exploring these important topics in Providence. More details are available here.

Keynote Speaker: I am pleased to announce that our plenary speaker will be John A. Elliott, Chair of the Board of Directors of AACSB. John is the Interim Provost of the University of Connecticut and formerly the Dean of the UConn School of Business. John will discuss the present and future direction of AACSB, important trends and challenges for business schools in a disruptive business environment, as well as the role of legal studies in business education. John’s address will be delivered in the form of a ‘fireside chat’ with Caryn Beck-Dudley, Dean of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and former Chair of the Board of Directors of AACSB. Learn more about John Elliott here.

ALSB 2020 Executive in Residence: Lawrence Wiseman is the Global Head of FX, Commodities, Complex Derivatives and Retail Markets Surveillance at HSBC, where he runs a global team responsible for transaction, conduct and communications monitoring, investigations and reviews across a wide range of market abuse and professional misconduct matters. He has led multi-jurisdictional investigations and regulatory engagements in jurisdictions including the UK, USA, China (both mainland and Hong Kong SAR), Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. Sitting at the intersection of quantitative forensic analysis and strategic regulatory engagement, his role offers a unique opportunity to deal with cutting-edge professional conduct challenges in financial services. Learn more about Lawrence Wiseman here.

Guest Speakers: The conference sections are hosting a number of insightful speakers. Amanda Herron is a partner with PwC and the US leader for Power & Utilities Internal Audit, Risk Management & Compliance solutions and will address the Law for Accountants Section Lunch on Thursday 12:30-3:20PM and then serve on a panel with the ALSB AICPA Liaison Linda Christiansen. Andrew Lehrer is the Associate Legal Counsel for The Kraft Group and the Sports and Entertainment Law Section speaker on luncheon speaker on Friday 12:00-1:30PM. Tony Menendez is the acclaimed whistleblower regarding Halliburton. He will be speaking at the Ethics Section Luncheon on Friday 12:30-3:20PM. Experienced international expert Lee Buchheit will address the International Section at its annual meeting on Friday 12:30-1:30PM. More information on the guest speakers is available here.

Sponsorship: These and other conference events are supported in part by the generous sponsorship of the University of Connecticut School of Business. Founded in 1941, the UConn School of Business has evolved into one of the most comprehensive business schools in the nation, offering academic programs at the bachelors, masters, doctorate and advanced certificate levels, and having a strong reputation for high quality research, teaching, collaboration and outreach. Our mission statement is “Real World, Real Learning, Real Impact,” and to be a globally recognized provider of exceptional managerial and business leadership through innovative experiential learning in a dynamic global business context.

This year’s conference has much to offer!