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Selected Refereed Papers Delivered at the 2012 ALSB Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

Editor’s Forward

The 87th annual meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business was held in August 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The papers published in these Proceedings were double blind reviewed by members of the Academy.  Papers were recommended for publication based on the quality of the research and the relevance of the topic to the substantive areas or pedagogy of business law or legal studies.

Several papers merit special mention: 

Outstanding Proceedings PaperThe Evolution of Employee Restrictive Covenant Legislation by Norm Bishara, University of Michigan.

Distinguished Proceedings Paper: The Social Network and The Legal Environment of Business: An Opportunity for Student Centered Learning, by Shelly McGill, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, CA.

Distinguished Proceedings PaperWhat Trademark Law Could Learn from Employment Law by Robert Kearney, Illinois Wesleyan University.

Distinguished Proceedings Paper: Exceeding Authorized Access in the Workplace:  Prosecuting Disloyal Conduct Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, by Stephanie Greene, Boston College.

This year, a new award was established in honor of Ernest W. King, long time Proceedings Editor and beloved colleague of many members of the Academy, to be given to the reviewer whose work made a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of the paper reviewed.

The Ernie King Best Reviewer Award: Stephen Park, Loyola University of Maryland

My sincere thanks go to all of the reviewers for the 2012 ALSB Proceedings.  Your time, your thoughtful comments and your good judgment make the Proceedings better every year.  Your service to the Proceedings and to the authors is greatly appreciated by me and by all of your colleagues in the Academy.

Best Regards,
Ronnie Cohen, J.D., LL.M.
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA
2012 ALSB Proceedings Editor

2012 Proceedings Reviewers

Victor Bongard, Virginia Tech

Larry Bumgardner, Pepperdine University

Kimble Byrd, Rowan University

Thomas Cavenagh, North Central College

Tammy Cowart, University of Texas at Tyler

Karie Davis-Nozemack, Georgia Tech

Keith Diener, George Washington University

Kenneth Goldsmith, Chattanooga State Community College

Michelle Grunsted, University of Oklahoma

Lori Harris –Ransom, Caldwell College

Dan Herron, Miami University of Ohio

James Holloway, East Carolina University

Matthew Holt, New Mexico State University

Richard Hunter, Seton Hall University

Robert Landry, Jacksonville State University

Bill Livingston, Baker College

Romain Lorentz, University of St. Thomas

Terence Malloy, Kennesaw State University

Alyssa Martina, Fordham University

William T. Mawer, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

MarySheila E. McDonald, LaSalle University

Maxine Morgan-Thomas, Long Island University

Dana Muir, University of Michigan

Benjamin Neil, Towson University

Philip Nichols, University of Pennsylvania

John Norwood, University of Arkansas

Carol Nowicki, California State University, East Bay

Paula O’Callaghan, University of Maryland University College

Michael O’Hara, University of Nebraska at Omaha

David Orozco, Florida State University

Susan O’Sullivan-Gavin, Rider University

Steven Palmer, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Suzanne Palmer, Albright College

Stephen Park, Loyola University Maryland

Aaron Pennington, York College of Pennsylvania

Steven N. Pyser, Temple University

Amy Sepinwall, University of Pennsylvania

Denise Smith, Eastern Illinois University

Cathy Taylor, Park University

Dale Thompson, University of St. Thomas

Jennifer Thor, Oakland University

David Tiffany, California State University, San Marcos

John T. Wendt, University of St. Thomas

Kelly Collins Woodford, University of South Alabama

Index of Papers

A Statistical Analysis of Patent Litigation Using Classification Trees by Tammy Cowart, Roger Lirely and Sherry Avery.

Benefit Corporations: Worthy of Tax Benefits? by Mystica Alexander.

Do Bans on Workplace Gossip Violate the NLRA? Employers Respond to Employee Speech in the Social Media Age by Rosemary Hartigan and Paula O’Callaghan.

Energy Reform and the Future of Mexico’s Oil Industry: The Pemex Bidding Rounds and Integrated Service Contracts by Tim Samples and Jose Luis Vittor.

Exceeding Authorized Access in the Workplace: Prosecuting Disloyal Conduct Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by Stephanie Greene and Christine O’Brien.

Mandating Use of Predictive Coding in Electronic Discovery:  An Ill-Advised Judicial Intrusion by Tonia Murphy.

Of the People, By the People, and For the People:  Democracy in the Internet Age by Ida Jones and Deborah Kemp.

Patronage Employment: Limiting Litigation by Susan Martin.

Protecting Minority Owners of Small and Family-Owned Firms by Robert Sprague and Roland Kidwell.

Salads, Safety and Speech:  What Would They Look Like under a National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement? by Rita Marie Cain.

Teaching Law Using a Short-Term Learning Abroad Model: An Example from a Course in Legal History by Franklyn Salimbene and Ryan Hoise.

The Bona Fide Professional Exemption of the Fair Labor Standards Act As Applied to Accountancy by Debra Burke and Leroy Kauffman.

The Constitution, The Roberts Court & Business: The Significant Business Impact of the Supreme Court’s 2011-2012 Term by Corey Ciocchetti.

The Evolution of Employee Restrictive Covenant Legislation by Norman Bishara.

The Social Network and The Legal Environment of Business: An Opportunity for Student Centered Learning by Shelley McGill.

What Trademark Law Could Learn From Employment Law by Robert Kearney.

[Cite as:  43 Acad. Legal Stud. In Bus. Nat’l Proc. ____ (2012)]