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Selected Refereed Papers Delivered at the 2009 ALSB Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado

Editor’s Forward

The 84th annual meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business was held in August 2009 in Denver, Colorado.

Those papers that were submitted for the double-blind review process and accepted for publication are listed below. It is with great pleasure that I present this peer reviewed sample of work that is representative of the high quality of work done by our colleagues.

I would like to thank the reviewers for the 2009 Proceedings. Your time, consideration, and thoughtfulness make the Proceedings better every year. Your service to the Proceedings and the authors is appreciated more than you will every know.

We are in need of reviewers and those who would be willing to serve as discussants at the Distinguished Proceedings Sections. Please contact Ronnie Cohen, Christopher Newport University, if you have any interest in becoming involved with the Proceedings. I assure you that based upon the quality of the work I’ve seen, you will find it an exciting learning experience as well as a bit of a humbling experience.

Best Regards,
Daniel Herron
Miami University
April 2010

Index of Papers

Beyond Shareholder Value: Normative Standards for Sustainable Corporate Governance by Robert Sprague.

Civil Disobedience in a Business Context: Examining the Social Obligation to Obey Inane Laws by Daniel Ostas.

Faculty Unions: We Need a National Educational Labor Law by Elaine Ingulli.

It’s Not Just for Law School Anymore: Moot Court and the Enhancement of Business Student Skills by Franklyn Salimbene and Amanda Mongell.

Loose Lips Bring Pink Slips: Fired for Gossip at the Office by Rosemary Hartigan and Paula O’Callaghan.

Regulating Online Commercial Speech: Oh, What a Tangled Web by Robert Sprague and Mary Ellen Wells.

Risk Allocation and Misplaced Emotion: The U.S.’s Subprime Crisis by Ronnie Cohen and Shannon O’Byrne.

US Automotive Industry Bailout programs: Avoiding WTO Potholes on the Road to Economic Recovery by Christina Benson.

Why We Need a Superfund for Hedge Funds by Dale Thompson.

Wind Farms and NIMBYs: Generating Conflict, Reducing Litigation by Susan Lorde Martin.

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