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Selected Referred Papers Delivered at the 2003 ALSB Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

Editor’s Forward

The 78th annual meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business was held in August 2003 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The academic program was attended by 268 members and included 144 paper presentations, 17 panels, teaching and research symposia, and various other discussions and workshops.

From the papers presented, eighteen of the papers were submitted for double-blind review. Approximately eighty-eight percent of the submissions were accepted for publication in the Proceedings. The acceptance rate was somewhat higher than last year. These papers are representative of the papers presented in Nashville.

The two Distinguished Proceedings papers were selected as the best from all the submissions, and were presented during a special session at the conference. Congratulations to Robert Kearney, author of the Outstanding Distinguished Paper, and to Lynda Oswald, author of the Distinguished Paper.

Deep appreciation is extended to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2003 ALSB meeting. Special thanks to Program Chair Nancy Kubasek for her hard work and planning of the academic and social programs, and to Executive Secretary Dan Herron for his perpetual efforts on behalf of the Academy without which we would be lost and know it. I would like to thank the reviewers for the Proceedings, and the discussants of the Distinguished Papers, for their hard work. Your service to the Academy is much appreciated.

The 2004 annual meeting will be in Ottawa, Canada from August 17 to 21. Make your plans to at the Westin Hotel – City Center. There will be a Distinguished Paper session at the meeting, a Distinguished Paper section in the Proceedings, plaques, and monetary recognition of the Distinguished Papers. I encourage everyone to participate in the ALSB meeting and in the Proceedings.

Ernest W. King
University of Southern Mississippi
September 2003

2003 Proceedings Reviewers

Debra Burke, Western Carolina University

Vincent A. Carrafiello, University of Connecticut

Rick Coffinberger, George Mason University

Timothy L. Fort, University of Michigan

Marianne Jennings, Arizona State University

Dana M. Muir, University of Michigan

John Norwood, University of Arkansas

Michael O’Hara, University of Nebraska – Omaha

Lynda J. Oswald, University of Michigan

Cindy A. Schipani, University of Michigan

Index of Papers

A Corporate Executive’s Social Responsibilities with Regard to Law: Cooperate, Comply, or Evade? by Daniel T. Ostas.

A Delicate Balance Upset: A Preliminary Survey of Exceptions and Limitation in U.S. and European Union Digital Copyright Laws by Susan J. Marsnik.

An Empirical and Normative Analysis of Television’s Contribution Consumer Litigiousness by Kimberlianne Podlas.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Data Privacy Law in the United States and European Union by Brian P. Kalis (Student Paper).

Challenging the Registration of Scandalous and Disparaging Marks under the Lanham Act: Who has the Standing to Sue? by Lynda J. Oswald.

Corporate Governance in Australia: Implications of Recent International Developments by Paul von Nessen.

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance: Another Financial Scheme That Takes Advantage of Employees and Shareholders by Susan Lorde Martin.

Discovering and Developing Thinking Styles in Business Students by Kimberlianne Podlas.

Ending Brownfields Paralysis: Community-Based Decisions and Government Cooperation to Achieve Full Stakeholder Involvement by Matthew A. Brody (Student Paper).

International Cooperation and the Colorado River Delta by Kelly Averbeck (Student Paper).

Intra-Family Transfer of Business and Real Estate for Self-Canceling Installment Note: A Potential Technique for Cutting Estate Taxes by Martin H. Zern.

Pre-Employment Agreements: A Boon for Employers or a Boondoggle for Employees by C.W. Von Bergen, William T. Mawer, and Barlow Soper.

The Alien Tort Claims Act of 1789: An 18th Century Law Becomes a 21st Century Tool in Combating Human Rights Violations – An Ethical Examination by Edward J. Schoen, Joseph S. Falchek, and Margaret M. Hogan.

The Ecological Challenges of War by Timothy L. Fort and Cindy A. Schipani.

The First Amendment and Newsracks by Vincent A. Carrafiello.

The Unintended Hostile Environment: Mapping the Limits of Sexual Harassment Law by Robert A. Kearney.

Why People Obey Law: Implications for Reforming Corporate Governance by Daniel T. Ostas.

Workplace Harassment: A Proposal for a Bright Line Test Consistent With the First Amendment by Debra Burke.

[Cite as:  32 Acad. Legal Stud. In Bus. Nat’l Proc. ____ (2003)]